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Bob's World

The man who wasn't there, who wasn't there again today...

The White Wolf
28 August
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I'm just another wandering soul trying to find a place in a world that has passed him by.
a-1 steak sauce, adventure, affection, alcohol, anime, anne rice, anthropology, aragorn, archaeology, art, asian women, astrology, auburn, basketball, bob marley, books, bowling, bushido, calvin and hobbes, cars, celtic culture, clarissa explains it all, confusion, cowboy mouth, dragons, drinking, driving fast, dropkick murphys, drowning the sorrow, english lit, evenings, exploring, fantasy, final fantasy, flogging molly, football, forgotten times, friends, fuel, geneology, george carlin, george jones, george martin, getting old, ghosts, golf, gun's n' roses, hank williams sr., haunted places, heartbreak, high fidelity, hiking, history, honour, horses, idealism, insomnia, intellectual conversation, inuyasha, ireland, jack daniels, japanese culture, jeopardy, jimmy eat world, johnny cash, jones soda, keira knightly, king arthur, kissing, laughing, learning, led zeppelin, literature, lord of the rings, lost causes, love, manetheren, matchbox twenty, merle haggard, missing you, monty python, moonlight, movies, music, mythology, nature, norse culture, not being alone, not fearing death, old cars, old school nickelodeon, outlaw star, passion, philosophy, phoenix, photography, pictures, playstation, poetry, psychology, quotes, reading, return of the king, robert jordan, rollin in the hay, romance, roses, roving, runes, rurouni kenshin, ryan adams, salute your shorts, samurai, scholar's bowl, scotland, sec football, shawshank redemption, smashing pumpkins, snuggling, stephen king, stonehenge, swords, talking, terry goodkind, the breakfast club, the classics, the dead, the family guy, the old days, the princess bride, the simpsons, the woods, third eye blind, tom waits, trying not to think, valour, video games, warriors, weapons, weird trivia, whiskeytown, winterfell, wolves, women, wondering